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I’ll Ask Joe: Isn’t Harm Reduction Still Harmful?

Here are some questions we pose to our resident advocacy professional, Executive Editor Joe Schrank. Joe’s been a social worker for 25 years. He’s also president of Remedy Recovery and co-founder of The Fix. Today's topic: Harm reduction. The loosest, most succinct definition of harm reduction is any positive change in drug or alcohol usage. It's definitely not abstinence, though, so let's party, right?

What’s the Point of Truth If It Destroys Hope?

Rob Ford, Gawker, Hulk Hogan, and the truth about everything and nothing whatsoever.

Nobody’s Around: Recovering During The Coronavirus

Sober people struggle differently with social distance and recovery programs are being affected. Some of our readers share their stories. If you'd like to participate, hit us up here: editors AT thesmallbow DOT com.